[OS X TeX] MInion Pro - fullfamily problems

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 28 18:41:26 CEST 2012


I decided to complete the Minion Pro family by obtaining the medium weight, giving me all four weights, for use with LaTeX and Pages. I tested the new version of TeXFontUtility by uninstalling Minion Pro and reinstalling with all four weights. That went smoothly, and I got the correct encoding files this time.

I'm scratching my head again though, this time wondering how to access the medium weight in LaTeX. When I was using medfamily, I was using one of two techniques for accessing all of regular, semibold, and bold:

\def\semib#1{{\fontseries{sb}\selectfont #1}}


\def\ebold#1{{\fontseries{eb}\selectfont #1}}

Now, if I try, for example,

\def\semib#1{{\fontseries{sb}\selectfont #1}}
\def\medw#1{{\fontseries{m}\selectfont #1}}

\medw{ } has no effect, i.e., A and \medw{A} typeset at the same (regular) weight. (Interestingly, I can use any text string for the series, i.e. \def\medw#1{{\fontseries{xyz}\selectfont #1}}, and I get no error --- it still typesets at regular weight.)

Actually, I'm not even certain that \fontseries{m} even refers to the medium weight family.

Any ideas? Anyone?


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