[OS X TeX] Minion and Minion Pro

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Sun Apr 8 22:07:35 CEST 2012

On Apr 8, 2012, at 12:42 PM, Richard Seguin wrote:

> Michael,
> This time it almost ran OK! At the very end I got this error:
> Error: The following map file(s) couldn't be found:
>     MinionMap.map
> Did you run mktexlsr?
> You can delete non-existent map entries using the option 
>                --syncwithtrees.
> I'm not sure what this means. In the Font maps tab within the "Font maps found in texmf-local" it says
> /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/fonts/map/dvips/MinionPro/MinionPro.map


My stupid error with the wrong map name. Now fixed---please download again.

The program does run sudo mktexlsr, which may ask for your password.

> I also got the message "At least one of the boolean options in updmap.cfg is set to false. In most cases they should be true. You may make changes by pressing 'other updmapsettings' on the 'updmap diffs' tab." I now have all four of the check boxes checked. The one that was set to false was "dvipsDownloadBase35 …"

By default, TeXLive 2011 sets dvipsDownloadBase35 to false, which can lead to problems if you process with latex+dvips+ps2pdf. The problem is that gs has at least one flawed font, Zapf Chancery, (it is sized nearly 20% too small by comparison with the version in TeXLive) and the flawed version is what you get with dvipsDownloadBase35 set to false. Setting it to true bypasses the issue.


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