[OS X TeX] Using TeXShop With Mac VoiceOver Screen Reader Questions

Kevin Fjelsted kfjelsted at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 01:54:27 CEST 2011


I am beginning to use TeXshop with the Mac VoiceOver screen reader under Lion. It's  functions seem to be very accessible because the program appears to follow the usage of Coco very closely.
One area that I am having difficulty with is the typesetting. If I have an error in the source and select the TypeSet option I am taken to what appears to be a dialog with some buttons like "on error"?
I cannot navigate inside this dialog at all. Who may I speak with on the development team for TeXShop about this to find out if there is a way to resolve the problem?
 ANother issue that I am having pertains to Latex usage. I would rather control paragraphs totally with Latex directives instead of relying on knowing that two end of lines were typed in the file since I am liable to miss that when using VoiceOver. Is there a way via a Latex directive to do this?
I understand there is a \paragraph directive however this means that the entire paragraph must be in braces "{}."
For longer paragraphs this is cumbersome. What would be ideal is some sort of escape such as \para which could be used to control the paragraph separation I.E., when a \para is seen in the text then that signifies a new paragraph. Is there any way to control this in Latex or TeXShop?
The third matter pertains to spell checking. I experience an issue not knowing weather there are typos such as "THis" "THe." The patter occurs at the beginning of sentences where I will type the first two letters in a word in upper case instead of just the first letter.
Is there a TexSHop or Latex method for flagging this problem.
The Mac spell checker doesn't seem to care.


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