[OS X TeX] Re: [spelling configuration] MacOSX-TeX Digest, Vol 48, Issue 2

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 21:23:52 CEST 2011

OK, the choice of dictionary was the issue! Once I chose just plain 
"English" as the dictionary in the Spelling preferences (with filter 
TeX/LaTeX, of course) and then "English (Aspell)" as the Spelling choice 
on the Text pane of the Language & Text preferences panel, all was well: 
ordinary LaTeX commands are no longer flagged as misspelled in TeXShop.

Being a speaker and writer of American English, not British English, I 
had thought it natural and obvious to chose "English (United States)" as 
the dictionary. But that didn't work with TeXShop.

(Sorry for the original below not being quoted: it's one of the 
stupidities of Thunderbird that it cannot successfully quote when 
replying to a digest message that includes more than one or two embedded 
messages. This was an annoyance I experience under Windows and now still 
on Mac.)

Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 15:28:46 -0500
From: Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com> Subject: Re: [OS X TeX] 
Re: MacOSX-TeX Digest, Vol 48, Issue 1
To: TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List <macosx-tex at email.esm.psu.edu>
On Oct 1, 2011, at 2:27 PM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

 > I already looked at in the System Preferences, Spelling, Filters pane 
and then the TeX/LaTeX part. I see such things included as:
 >  newcounter, newcommand, pagestyle
 > Nonetheless, still in TeXShop, those commands are being flagged as 
 > Moreover, that list of TeXLaTeX filter commands is just about the 
barest imaginable -- so short as to be nearly useless (if only it even 
worked). There's a + button, presumably to add to the list, but that 
button doesn't work.
 > I also did open TeXShop's Edit > Spelling and Grammar window, and the 
dictionary showing there seems to be the same as I enabled in OS X 
System Preferences, namely:
 >  English (United States} [w_accents] (Aspell)
 > It's just unbelievable to me that a TeX front end would not supply a 
working TeX/LaTeX-filtering spell-checker, whether built-in or by means 
of a 3rd party tool.
 > (Once again my hopes for a good TeX front-end on the Mac seem dashed.)

Let's see... I and many other folks are using CocoAspell successfully 
within TeXShop and you assume that the behavior you are seeing is normal 
and therefore condemning TeXShop. Sigh...

First, I'm using the dictionary that is labelled just English (which 
takes all the variants), then I have URL, E-mail and TeX/LaTeX checked 
(although just having TeX/LaTeX checked should be enough). When I look 
in Filters->TeX/LaTeX I have a list of at least 50 commands. When I 
press the + key an new command called unknown is added to the list and 
you can edit that by double clicking it.

In System Preferences->Language & Text->Text I have Correct Spelling 
automatically checked and in the Spelling popup I've chosen English(Aspell).

And it all works! What OS version are you using? What version of 
CocoAspell? Did you update from a PPC machine to an Intel machine?

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