[OS X TeX] Single-stepping through TeX

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Sat Nov 19 01:49:29 CET 2011

Ross Moore wrote -

>> Is there any way to single-step through a very simple TeX execution 
>> (after inputing the plain format), in order to watch with a debugger how 
>> it operates?  
>Not stepping through with a debugger.
>But you can see how the macro-expansion functions,
>and more detailed results from other aspects of the processing.
>Just put  \tracingall  into you document source.
>Beware that it can produce masses of output.
>So to limit this to a specific portion of your source,
>use braces as delimiters:
>{\tracingall  ....  }

Thanks.  I understand how to trace the execution of a TeX input file.  I 
didn't do a very good job of explaining what I was interested in: 
watching the actual interpreter (the "tex" program) interpret that file.


>For more information, consult "The TeXBook"
>and/or another similar book by Don Knuth:  "TeX, The Program".

I've spent lots of time looking at the program, but unWEB-ing it in my 
(programmer's) mind to follow an actual execution path is a huge effort.  
Which is why I was asking about "web2c", about which another responder to 
my question has provided some good info, even though it appears I no 
longer need it.


Doug McKenna

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