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Until late last year or early this year, TeX Live included MetaFont sources for fonts based on the Simpsons characters, but no doc and no plain TeX nor LaTeX support file. I've no idea why these fonts have been removed now.

Several years ago a list member asked how to use them. It turns out the fonts originate from Baskerville, the UK TUG journal, more specifically from the issue


Attached is an archive containing the fonts, doc, plain TeX and LaTeX support files taken from this issue, packaged in a TDS-compliant tree.

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An intermission, with no connection to fonts. Once I looked for ways to reproduce the style of MS Word in LaTeX: conference proceedings were prepared with Word and I was a contributor, but a contributor unwilling to spend time learning how to input complicated mathematical expressions in Word. So I set up to reproduce the Word look with LaTeX, such that I could send the conference organizers my communication in PDF format for inclusion inside the Word file without disrupting too much the visual style of the proceedings.

Wendy McKay forwarded me a package winword by Peter Flynn, documented in


The package was never prepared for release (ie as dtx file and the like), but I recently realized it's been informally announced at


(see answer 6), and it can be downloaded from


Based in part on it, a more ambitious wordlike LaTeX package is included in TeX Live, but I still like the original winword.

GTA Mac Fonts

GTA Mac Fonts is a package by Gerben Wierda, Thomas Schmitz and Adam Lindsay for using a selection of OS X TrueType fonts with pdfLaTeX and ConTeXt:

	American Typewriter
	Gill Sans
	Helvetica Neue
	Hoefler Text
	Lucida Grande

Since its introduction in late 2005 its use seems to have gradually decreased, but once or twice I saw requests about the package on this list's archive.

What GTA Mac Fonts does for the above fonts in pdfLaTeX is very similar to what PSNFSS does for the LaserWriter 35 fonts: there is a package gtamacbaskerville.sty selecting Baskerville as serif font, Optima as sans serif font and Latin modern Typewriter as monospace font, a package gtamachoefler selecting Hoefler, Gill Sans and Latin Modern Typewriter, and so forth. Enhanced features of some fonts (like small caps and oldstyle digits for Hoefler and Didot) are also provided access to.

The package was written for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. The way it was created is described in a PracTeX article


The package was installed by i-Installer, last through the GW Extras package for MacTeX. Fondu was called to extract the TrueType data from the font suitcases and save them as individual TTF files, FontForge was called to create AFM files with the script


then i-Installer put the TTF and AFM files inside the pre-built TDS-compliant tree


and installed this tree inside /Library/TeX/Local then ran mktexlsr and updmap.

The gradual decrease in the use of GTA Mac Fonts seems to result from a combination of circumstances:

- i-Installer, though still available from <http://ii2.sourceforge.net/>, went unsupported.

- i-Installer looks for i-Packages in the same directory as the catalog of the i-Directory, whereas the i-Packages are actually located one directory further up in the web server trees. For example, the TUG i-Directory catalog <http://tug.org/i-packages/iid/gwrelative.iid> expects the GW Extras i-Package at ../TL-gw-extras.ii2, which i-Installer interprets for some reason as


whereas the i-Package lives actually at


- The scripts inside the GW Extras i-Package were written for Tiger and wouldn't work on Leopard or Snow Leopard. In <http://tug.org/i-packages/TL-gw-extras.ii2/TL-gw-extras.configure> you'll find

    my %fonttable = ( "gillsans", "/Library/Fonts/GillSans.dfont",
		      "optima", "/Library/Fonts/Optima.dfont",
		      "hoefler", "/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text.dfont",
		      "didot", "/Library/Fonts/Didot.dfont",
		      "baskerville", "/Library/Fonts/Baskerville.dfont",
		      "americantypewriter", "/Library/Fonts/AmericanTypewriter.dfont",
		      "futura", "/Library/Fonts/Futura.dfont",
		      "lucidagrande", "/System/Library/Fonts/LucidaGrande.dfont",
		      "verdana", "/Library/Fonts/Verdana",
		      "georgia", "/Library/Fonts/Georgia",
		      "helveticaneue", "/Library/Fonts/HelveticaNeue.dfont"

which implies that the script expects


	/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text.dfont

However, in Leopard the resource-fork suitcases for Georgia and Verdana were replaced by individual TTF files, and in Snow Leopard the DFONT data-fork suitcases for the remaining fonts were replaced by TTC collections and individual TTF files. Moreover, Helvetica Neue moved from /Library/Fonts to /System/Library/Fonts. This yields


	/Library/Fonts/Georgia Bold Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Georgia Bold.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Georgia Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text Ornaments.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text.ttc
	/Library/Fonts/Verdana Bold Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Verdana Bold.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Verdana Italic.ttf

When Microsoft Office 2011 is installed things get even worse, with the Snow Leopard version 5.01x of Verdana displaced to

	/Library/Fonts Disabled/Verdana Bold Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts Disabled/Verdana Bold.ttf
	/Library/Fonts Disabled/Verdana Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts Disabled/Verdana.ttf

and Microsoft version 5.02 installed at

	/Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Verdana Bold Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Verdana Bold.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Verdana Italic.ttf

(see <http://www.officeformachelp.com/office/font-management/>).

- GTA Mac Fonts works through ENC files in which each character of the TrueType font is addressed by its PostScript name. Some ENC files from TeX Live are re-used (ec.enc, qx.enc, texnansi.enc, lm-ts1.enc), others have been created specially for the OS X fonts (ec-os.enc, ec-sc.enc, ts1-didot, t5-lucidagrande), but it's for Hoefler Text that the most extensive creations have been done, with tailored ENC files dealing with the disparity of PostScript names used for the glyphs in the regular, italic and bold styles of the font, and for the availability of oldstyle digits and small caps (texnansi-sc-hoefleritalic.enc and so forth).

Unfortunately, when the version 5 of Hoefler Text in Tiger was replaced by version 6 in Snow Leopard, most PostScript character names were changed. This means most of the tailored ENC need to be rewritten.

The amount of handiwork could be reduced by addressing the glyphs through their Unicode number, such as /uniFB01 for /fi, independent from any particular version of any particular font. pdfTeX seems to understand such names, used already in


However, the small caps glyphs do not seem to have such Unicode numbers (at least FontForge does not mention any), so this solution wouldn't apply to them.

- With XeTeX and LuaTeX, Mac fonts can be used far more easily thanks to Will Robertson's fabulous fontspec package. XeTeX and LuaTeX delegate the font handling business where it belongs, namely to external libraries for XeTeX, and to Lua macros for LuaTeX. In GTA Mac Fonts this business is hand-made, allowing more control and perhaps more optimal results, but also being unreasonably time-consuming.

There may be situations where backwards compatibility requires GTA Mac Fonts. For this reason I set up to adapt it to Snow Leopard. This ended up being awfully tedious and time-consuming, and should never have been undertaken. In any case, since it's now done, here are the procedure and files for those interested.

Also, progressing in the adaptation I realized there were a few errors in the EC encoding of the Hoefler Text fonts for Tiger, and set out to correct these first.	

In addition to FontForge and Fondu, the two main components of the GW Extras i-Package are required, namely


FontForge will be used not only to extract AFM files from the fonts, but also to check the PostScript name of each character, like this:

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Here are all the steps of the procedure (you don't need to do this yourself to use the final result, fortunately):

Step 1: Correcting the encodings and metrics for Tiger's Hoefler Text

Since the encodings for Tiger's Hoefler Text are faulty, the metrics which have been created based on them are also faulty: because some characters were not found owing to wrong names in the encoding, the dimensions written in the metrics for these characters are zero. You need to correct first the encodings, then recreate the metrics, and use these metrics for the Snow Leopard fonts.

Copy Hoefler Text.dfont from the Tiger Install DVD where it lives inside


and extract the AFM files with FontForge

	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe "Hoefler Text".dfont

Open Hoefler Text.dfont in FontForge, picking up the individual fonts inside one by one, and check the glyph names correspond to those in the ENC files for Hoefler Text. It helps to draw glyph charts first for each Hoefler metrics, using for reference


and to only check the names for those glyphs which do not come out right in the charts.

The following replacements follow in the ENC files:


	/quote.single.baseline		/quote.single.baseline		Regular
					/quote.single.base		Italic, Black
	/quote.double.baseline		/quote.double.baseline		Regular
					/quote.double.base		Italic, Black
	/L_caron			/L_quote.right
	/L_slash			/L_slash			Regular, Italic
					/L_macron			Black
	/O_hungarumlaut			/O_umlaut.hungarian
	/U_umlaut_hungarian		/U_umlaut.hungarian
	/Z_dotaccent			/Z_dot.accent
	/I_dotaccent			/I_dot.accent
	/d_bar.eth (0x9E)		/d_bar.croat
	/d_caron			/d_quote.right
	/l_caron			/l_quote.right
	/o_umlaut_hungarian		/o_umlaut.hungarian
	/t_caron			/t_quote.right
	/u_umlaut_hungarian		/u__umlaut.hungarian		Regular
					/u_umlaut.hungarian		Italic, Black
	/z_dotaccent			/z_dot.accent

	small caps

	/L_caron.small			/L_quote.right.small
	/L_slash.small			/L_slash.small			Regular, Italic
					/L_macron.small			Black
	/O_umlaut_hungarian.small	/O_umlaut.hungarian.small
	/d_bar.eth (0x9E)		/D_bar.croat.small
	/Rcaron (0xB0)			/R_caron.small
	/Sacute (0xB1)			/S_acute.small
	/Scaron (0xB2)			/S_caron.small
	/Scedilla (0xB3)		/S_cedilla.small
	/Tquoteright (0xB4)		/T_caron.small
	/Tcedilla (0xB5)		/T_cedilla.small
	/U_umlaut_hungarian (0xB6)	/U_umlaut.hungarion.small	Regular
					/U_umlaut.hungarian.small	Italic, Black
	/U_ring (0xB7)			/U_ring.small
	/Y_dieresis (0xB8)		/Y_dieresis.small
	/Z_acute (0xB9)			/Z_acute.small
	/Z_caron (0xBA)			/Z_caron.small
	/Z_dotaccent (0xBB)		/Z_dot.accent.small
	/I_J (0xBC)			/I_J.small

In some cases, this means separating one file (like ec-sc-hoefler.enc) into several (ec-sc-hoefler.enc, ec-sc-hoeflerblack.enc and ec-sc-hoefleritalic.enc) and correcting gtamacfonts.map accordingly.

The metrics are then recreated with afm2tfm, using

	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Regular -T ec-hoefler.enc -v ec-hoefler-HoeflerText ec-hoefler-raw-HoeflerText
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Black -T ec-hoeflerblack.enc -v ec-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlack ec-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlack
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-BlackItalic -T ec-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlackItalic ec-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlackItalic
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Italic -T ec-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-hoefler-HoeflerTextItalic ec-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextItalic

	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Regular -T ec-os-hoefler.enc -v ec-os-hoefler-HoeflerText ec-os-hoefler-raw-HoeflerText
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Black -T ec-os-hoeflerblack.enc -v ec-os-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlack ec-os-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlack
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-BlackItalic -T ec-os-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-os-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlackItalic ec-os-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlackItalic
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Italic -T ec-os-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-os-hoefler-HoeflerTextItalic ec-os-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextItalic

	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Regular -T ec-sc-hoefler.enc -v ec-sc-hoefler-HoeflerText ec-sc-hoefler-raw-HoeflerText
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Black -T ec-sc-hoeflerblack.enc -v ec-sc-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlack ec-sc-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlack
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-BlackItalic -T ec-sc-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-sc-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlackItalic ec-sc-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlackItalic
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Italic -T ec-sc-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-sc-hoefler-HoeflerTextItalic ec-sc-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextItalic

	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Regular -T ec-sclf-hoefler.enc -v ec-sclf-hoefler-HoeflerText ec-sclf-hoefler-raw-HoeflerText
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Black -T ec-sclf-hoeflerblack.enc -v ec-sclf-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlack ec-sclf-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlack
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-BlackItalic -T ec-sclf-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-sclf-hoefler-HoeflerTextBlackItalic ec-sclf-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextBlackItalic
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Italic -T ec-sclf-hoefleritalic.enc -v ec-sclf-hoefler-HoeflerTextItalic ec-sclf-hoefler-raw-HoeflerTextItalic

	apply vptovf *.vpl

	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Regular -p ts1-hoefler.enc ts1-HoeflerText
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Black -p ts1-hoeflerblack.enc ts1-HoeflerTextBlack
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-BlackItalic -p ts1-hoefleritalic.enc ts1-HoeflerTextBlackItalic
	afm2tfm HoeflerText-Italic -p ts1-hoefleritalic.enc ts1-HoeflerTextItalic

These new MAP, TFM and VF files are then copied onto the texmf tree from TL-gw-extras.tar.bz2, overwriting the existing files.

Step 2: Preparing the Snow Leopard fonts for use in MacTeX

We need to extract the TrueType data from the Snow Leopard font files, and re-package these data as TTF files suitable for use by pdfTeX and LuaTeX. For


use "fondu HelveticaNeue.dfont". For

	/Library/Fonts/Georgia Bold Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Georgia Bold.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Georgia Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text Ornaments.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Verdana Bold Italic.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Verdana Bold.ttf
	/Library/Fonts/Verdana Italic.ttf

simply remove the spaces in their names. For

	/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text.ttc

open each TTC file in FontForge, pick up the individual fonts inside one by one and go to File > Generate Fonts then select "TrueType". Put the TTF files in the appropriate subdirectory of the texmf/fonts/truetype directory of TL-gw-extras.tar.bz2.

The AFM files are not needed. If you still want to create them, apply fontforge to the DFONT and TTC files, namely

	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe HelveticaNeue.dfont
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe AmericanTypewriter.ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe Baskerville.ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe Didot.ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe Futura.ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe GillSans.ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe "Hoefler Text".ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe LucidaGrande.ttc
	fontforge -script dumpafm.pe Optima.ttc

For Georgia, Hoefler Text Ornaments and Verdana, open the TTF files inside FontForge then go to File > Generate Fonts and select "PS Type 1 (Binary)". Keep the resulting AFM files and put them inside the appropriate subdirectory of texmf/fonts/afm. The PFB files may be thrown away.

Step 3: Correcting the encodings for Snow Leopard's Hoefler Text

Now that the TFM, VF and MAP files have been corrected in step 1, and the TTF files created in step 2, the ENC files need to be adapted to the new PostScript char names used in Snow Leopard's Hoefler Text. Be prepared to spend a lot of time checking the char names manually in FontForge!

Eventually the following replacements need to be performed, compared with the original ENC files of the i-Package (don't hold your breath!):

	Hoefler Text
	ec normal
	/umlaut.hungarian		/hungarumlaut
	/dot.accent			/dotaccent
	/quote.single.baseline		/quotesinglbase
	/quote.single.base		/quotesinglbase
	/guillemot.single.left		/guilsinglleft
	/guillemot.single.right		/guilsinglright
	/quote.double.left		/quotedblleft
	/quote.double.right		/quotedblright
	/quote.double.baseline		/quotedblbase
	/quote.double.base		/quotedblbase
	/guillemot.double.left		/guillemotleft
	/guillemot.double.right		/guillemotright
	/dash.en			/endash
	/dash.em			/emdash
	/zero.inferior			/zeroinferior			Regular
					/uni2080			Black, Italic
	/i.dotless			/dotlessi
	/j.dotless			/dotlessj
	/f_f				/f_f				Regular
					/uniFB00			Black, Italic
	/f_i				/fi
	/f_l				/fl
	/f_f_i				/f_f_i				Regular
					/uniFB03			Black, Italic
	/f_f_l				/f_f_l				Regular
					/uniFB04			Black, Italic
	/quote.double			/quotedbl
	/dollar				/dollar.standard
	/percent			/percent.standard
	/quote.single.right		/quoteright
	/paren.left			/parenleft
	/paren.right			/parenright
	/bracket.left			/bracketleft
	/slash.back			/backslash
	/bracket.right			/bracketright
	/circumflex.ascii		/asciicircum
	/quote.single.left		/quoteleft
	/brace.left			/braceleft
	/bar.vert.unbroken		/bar
	/brace.right			/braceright
	/tilde.ascii			/asciitilde
	/A_breve			/Abreve
	/A_ogonek			/Aogonek
	/C_acute			/Cacute
	/C_caron			/Ccaron
	/D_caron			/Dcaron
	/E_caron			/Ecaron
	/E_ogonek			/Eogonek
	/G_breve			/Gbreve
	/L_acute			/Lacute
	/L_caron			/Lcaron
	/L_slash			/Lslash
	/L_macron			/Lslash
	/N_acute			/Nacute
	/N_caron			/Ncaron
	/N_g				/Eng
	/O_hungarumlaut			/Ohungarumlaut
	/R_acute			/Racute
	/R_caron			/Rcaron
	/S_acute			/Sacute
	/S_caron			/Scaron
	/S_cedilla			/Scedilla
	/T_caron			/Tcaron
	/T_cedilla			/Tcedilla			Regular, Italic
					/Tcommaaccent			Black
	/U_umlaut_hungarian		/Uhungarumlaut
	/U_ring				/Uring
	/Y_dieresis			/Ydieresis
	/Z_acute			/Zacute
	/Z_caron			/Zcaron
	/Z_dotaccent			/Zdotaccent
	/I_dotaccent			/uni0130
	/d_bar.eth (0x9E)		/uni0111
	/a_breve			/abreve
	/a_ogonek			/aogonek
	/c_acute			/cacute
	/c_caron			/ccaron
	/d_caron			/dcaron
	/e_caron			/ecaron
	/e_ogonek			/eogonek
	/g_breve			/gbreve
	/l_acute			/lacute
	/l_caron			/lcaron
	/l_slash			/lslash
	/l_macron			/lslash
	/n_acute			/nacute
	/n_caron			/ncaron
	/n_g				/eng
	/o_umlaut_hungarian		/ohungarumlaut
	/r_acute			/racute
	/r_caron			/rcaron
	/s_acute			/sacute
	/s_caron			/scaron
	/s_cedilla			/scedilla
	/t_quoteright			/tcaron
	/t_cedilla			/tcedilla			Regular, Italic
					/tcommaaccent			Black
	/u_umlaut_hungarian		/uhungarumlaut
	/u_ring				/uring
	/y_dieresis			/ydieresis
	/z_acute			/zacute
	/z_dotaccent			/zdotaccent
	/exclam.down			/exclamdown
	/question.down			/questiondown
	/A_grave			/Agrave
	/A_acute			/Aacute
	/A_circumflex			/Acircumflex
	/A_tilde			/Atilde
	/A_dieresis			/Adieresis
	/A_ring				/Aring
	/A_E				/AE
	/C_cedilla			/Ccedilla
	/E_grave			/Egrave
	/E_acute			/Eacute
	/E_circumflex			/Ecircumflex
	/E_dieresis			/Edieresis
	/I_grave 			/Igrave
	/I_acute			/Iacute
	/I_circumflex			/Icircumflex
	/I_dieresis			/Idieresis
	/D_bar.Eth			/Eth
	/N_tilde			/Ntilde
	/O_grave			/Ograve
	/O_acute			/Oacute
	/O_circumflex			/Ocircumflex
	/O_tilde			/Otilde
	/O_dieresis			/Odieresis
	/O_E				/OE
	/O_slash			/Oslash
	/U_grave			/Ugrave
	/U_acute			/Uacute
	/U_circumflex			/Ucircumflex
	/U_dieresis			/Udieresis
	/Y_acute			/Yacute
	/a_grave			/agrave
	/a_acute			/aacute
	/a_circumflex			/acircumflex
	/a_tilde			/atilde
	/a_dieresis			/adieresis
	/a_ring				/aring
	/a_e				/ae
	/c_cedilla			/ccedilla
	/e_grave			/egrave
	/e_acute			/eacute
	/e_circumflex			/ecircumflex
	/e_dieresis			/edieresis
	/i_grave			/igrave
	/i_acute			/iacute
	/i_circumflex			/icircumflex
	/i_dieresis			/idieresis
	/d_bar.eth (0xF0)		/eth
	/n_tilde			/ntilde
	/o_grave			/ograve
	/o_acute			/oacute
	/o_circumflex			/ocircumflex
	/o_tilde			/otilde
	/o_dieresis			/odieresis
	/o_e				/oe
	/o_slash			/oslash
	/u_grave			/ugrave
	/u_acute			/uacute
	/u_circumflex			/ucircumflex
	/u_dieresis			/udieresis
	/y_acute			/yacute
	/s_s.german			/germandbls
	texnansi normal (complements)
	/quote.single			/quotesingle
	/quote.single.base		/quotesinglbase
	/dagger.single			/dagger
	/dagger.double			/daggerdbl
	/bar.vert.broken		/brokenbar
	/ordinal.feminine		/ordfeminine
	/two.superior			/twosuperior			Regular
					/uni00B2			Black, Italic
	/three.superior			/threesuperior			Regular
					/uni00B3			Black, Italic
	/period.centered		/periodcentered
	/one.superior			/onesuperior			Regular
					/uni00B9			Black, Italic
	/ordinal.masculine		/ordmasculine
	ec small caps
	/A.small			/a.small
	/B.small			/b.small
	/C.small			/c.small
	/D.small			/d.small
	/E.small			/e.small
	/F.small			/f.small
	/G.small			/g.small
	/H.small			/h.small
	/I.small			/i.small
	/J.small			/j.small
	/K.small			/k.small
	/L.small			/l.small
	/M.small			/m.small
	/N.small			/n.small
	/O.small			/o.small
	/P.small			/p.small
	/Q.small			/q.small
	/R.small			/r.small
	/S.small			/s.small
	/T.small			/t.small
	/U.small			/u.small
	/V.small			/v.small
	/W.small			/w.small
	/X.small			/x.small
	/Y.small			/y.small
	/Z.small			/z.small
	/d_bar.eth (0x9E)		/dcroat.small
	/A_breve.small			/abreve.small
	/A_ogonek.small			/aogonek.small
	/C_acute.small			/cacute.small
	/C_caron.small			/ccaron.small
	/D_caron.small			/dcaron.small
	/E_caron.small			/ecaron.small
	/E_ogonek.small			/eogonek.small
	/G_breve.small			/gbreve.small
	/L_acute.small			/lacute.small
	/L_caron.small			/lcaron.small			Regular
					/lquoteright.small		Black, Italic
	/L_slash.small			/lslash.small			Regular, Italic
					/lcaron.small			Black
	/L_macron.small			/lcaron.small			Black
	/N_acute.small			/nacute.small
	/N_caron.small			/ncaron.small
	/N_G.small			/eng.small
	/O_umlaut_hungarian.small	/ohungarumlaut.small
	/R_acute.small			/racute.small
	/Rcaron (0xB0)			/rcaron.small
	/Sacute (0xB1)			/sacute.small
	/Scaron (0xB2)			/scaron.small
	/S_caron.small			/scaron.small
	/Scedilla (0xB3)		/scedilla.small
	/Tquoteright (0xB4)		/tcaron.small
	/Tcedilla (0xB5)		/tcedilla.small
	/U_umlaut_hungarian (0xB6)	/uhungarumlaut.small
	/U_ring (0xB7)			/uring.small
	/Y_dieresis (0xB8)		/zdieresis.small		Regular
					/ydieresis.small		Black, Italic
	/Y_dieresis.small		/zdieresis.small		Regular
					/ydieresis.small		Black, Italic
	/Z_acute (0xB9)			/zacute.small
	/Z_caron (0xBA)			/zcaron.small
	/Z_caron.small			/zcaron.small
	/Z_dotaccent (0xBB)		/zdotaccent.small
	/I_J (0xBC)			/i_j.small
	/A_grave.small			/agrave.small
	/A_acute.small			/aacute.small
	/A_circumflex.small		/acircumflex.small
	/A_tilde.small			/atilde.small
	/A_dieresis.small		/adieresis.small
	/A_ring.small			/aring.small
	/A_E.small			/ae.small
	/C_cedilla.small		/ccommaaccent.small		Regular
					/ccedilla.small			Black, Italic
	/E_grave.small			/egrave.small
	/E_acute.small			/eacute.small
	/E_circumflex.small		/ecircumflex.small
	/E_dieresis.small		/edieresis.small
	/I_grave.small			/igrave.small
	/I_acute.small			/iacute.small
	/I_circumflex.small		/icircumflex.small
	/I_dieresis.small		/idieresis.small
	/D_bar.Eth.small		/eth.small
	/N_tilde.small			/ntilde.small
	/O_grave.small			/ograve.small
	/O_acute.small			/oacute.small
	/O_circumflex.small		/ocircumflex.small
	/O_tilde.small			/otilde.small
	/O_dieresis.small		/odiresis.small
	/O_E.small			/oe.small
	/O_slash.small			/oslash.small
	/U_grave.small			/ugrave.small
	/U_acute.small			/uacute.small
	/U_circumflex.small		/ucircumflex.small
	/U_dieresis.small		/udieresis.small
	/Y_acute.small			/yacute.small
	/Thorn.small			/thorn.small
	texnansi small caps (complements)
	/I.dotless.small		/dotlessi.small			Regular, Italic
					/dotlessI.small			Black
	/exclam.small			/uniFE57
	/ampersand.small		/uniFE60
	/paren.left.small		/parenleft.small
	/paren.right.small		/parenright.small
	/question.small			/uniFE56
	/bracket.left.small		/bracketleft.small
	/bracket.right.small		/bracketright.small
	/brace.left.small		/braceleft.small
	/brace.right.small		/braceright.small
	/exclam.down.small		/exclamdown.small
	/question.down.small		/questiondown.small
	ts1 (complements)
	/bracket.left.1			/bracketleft.alt
	/bracket.right.1		/bracketright.alt
	/colonsign.standard		/colonmonetary.standard		Regular, Black
					/colonsign.standard		Italic
	Hoefler Text Ornaments
	/apple				/uniF8FF
	/fmtx.magicglyph		/glyph61

That's all! You may now install everything in /Library/TeX/Local or ~/Library/texmf, running afterwards in the first case

	sudo mktexlsr
	sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map gtamacfonts.map

and in the second case

	updmap --enable Map gtamacfonts.map

Attached is an archive containing the resulting texmf/font tree, save for the TTF and AFM files which, as for the original i-Package, need to be created at install time as described in step 2. texmf/doc and texmf/tex are unchanged compared with <http://tug.org/i-packages/TL-gw-extras.ii2/TL-gw-extras.tar.bz2> and are not included to decrease the attachment size.

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