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Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 21:56:31 CET 2011

OK, I found the PDFFonts binary and moved it to ~/Library/TeXShop/bin. 
Thanks for that help.

It still took some stumbling about after that to get the macro to run 
from TeXShop. The TeXShop doc page "Macros Help > Preliminaries" says:

    "To add macros created by others to your list of macros, open the
     Macro Editor and choose "Add macros from file..."...

But in the TeXShop Macro Editor, I saw no such item "Add macros from 
file...".  Is that for an older version of TeXShop (or the newest, 
Lion-only version)? In version , which I'm using under Snow Leopard, I 
finally figured out to use the "New Item" button. Then, rather than 
being able just to cite the Applescript file to use, I had to open the 
script in the Applescript editor (I presume any text editor would do, 
too) and then copy the script and paste it into the TeXShop Macro 
Editor's "Content" field, then Save it.

Now -- after restarting TeXShop -- I can get get the macro to run for 
the file currently in TeXShop. But I don't see any information about 
embedding of fonts -- just a list of fonts used.

Or is there some setting in TeXShop to specify that fonts should be 
embedded (and whether to use subset embedding)?

P.S. In the old Y&Y TeX previewer DViWindo, it was possible to get a 
list of fonts in the viewed file and to have each font given a 
particular color throughout the document. Is such a thing possible with 

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> The binary is in the build folder inside the project folder. You will have to copy it manually to a bin folder in your path. I recommend ~/Library/TeXShop/bin then the attached Applescript, which should be run a macro, can find it.
> I also attached the binary for 10.6 or better.
> Claus
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> On Dec 16, 2011, at 23:27, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>> >  How does one go about building pdffonts from its source at
>> >  https://github.com/phst/PDFFonts
>> >  using Xcode?
>> >
>> >  I downloaded the directory of source files and opened PDFFonts.xcodeproj in Xcode, then executed the build command there. But I still don't find the allegedly resulting binary, which the project files says is in target directory /usr/local/bin.
>> >
>> >  (I'd rather install just this specific utility than a whole additional pdf renderer such as Poppler.
>> >
>> >  On 12/16/11 3:00 PM,macosx-tex-request at email.esm.psu.edu  wrote:
>> >  On Friday 16 December 2011, Nicola wrote:
>>> >>  Subject: [OS X TeX] Re: embedding fonts
>>> >>  To:MacOSX-TeX at email.esm.psu.edu
>>> >>
>>> >>  In article<6CCD4427-9865-4A11-8EF4-D1148B4FE902 at tcd.ie>,
>>> >>    Bridget Kane<kaneb at tcd.ie>   wrote:
>>> >>
>>>> >>>  How do I know if my fonts are properly embedded?
>>> >>
>>> >>  One way, already pointed out, is to use Adobe Reader. Another possibility is the
>>> >>  command-line tool pdffonts:
>>> >>
>>> >>  pdffonts mydocument.pdf
>>> >>
>> >  ....

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