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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Dec 15 20:05:59 CET 2011

Am 14.12.2011 um 17:36 schrieb Bridget Kane:

>> How do you produce the output you submit to others? This could help to find an answer for your other question.
> I have the Typesetting options in TeXShop to 
> Default Command is LaTeX
> Default Script is Tex+DVI

Is there a technical reason that you are using this old way? Most LaTeX documents can be converted by pdfTeX directly into PDF.

It's possible that Ghostscript (gs) is used to perform the PS to PDF conversion. This step can produce failures when Ghostscript cannot find the fonts used. Its default setup for TeX Live based Mac TeX is that it cannot use the TeX Live supplied font map files which tell Ghostscript where to find the Computer Modern fonts.

>>> And is there any way that I can ensure that they are embedded properly?
>> It might also help if you could cite the trouble reported to you. Which fonts are you using in your documents? Do you tools around to determine which fonts are contained in your TeX output?
> My most recent experience was with ACM. (In the past I have had the IEEE problem). I submitted files as follows: a .tex file and .pdf and also a .ps file that I generated in TexMaker. (The submission system had asked for all 3 file types.) The message I received back from ACM read:
>>>> We distilled your PS file because ALL the fonts were not embedded in the submitted pdf or we received font display errors when previewing your pdf

This message seems to indicate that your PS file only had comments which named the used fonts in comments instead of embedding them. When then *some* other fonts with the same name are used for printing this can change a bit the layout.

> I don't really understand what all that means - I normally just use TeXShop.

It might be necessary to learn some details of the workflow you are using. You could for example create your own ENGINE file for TeXShop which produces PS and PDF files in one run and uses programmes that do embed all the fonts, even those that don't need to be embedded in a PDF file. (For PostScript files no such rule exists.)

I'd need more details to be of more help.



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