[OS X TeX] A special "List of Theorems"

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Thu Dec 1 05:55:42 CET 2011

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the {ntheorem} package reference. In TeXShop, the HELP menu gave no info about {ntheorem} but I found that athe menu item

Help -> Show help for Package...

did the trick and a 66 page manual was quickly found. This manual claims that when using

\usepackage[⟨options ⟩]{ntheorem}

as an <option> one can select [amsmath], as stated in 

"Compatibility with amsthm: option [amsthm] provides compatibility with the theorem-layout commands of the amsthm-package (see Section 3.2)."

Since the manual is dated 16Feb2011 I suspect the package is 'recent'. I'll try it out with the [amsmath] option and we'll see what happens. Thanks again.

On 25Nov2011, at 9:18 PM, Michael Welsh wrote:

> On 26/11/2011, at 2:26 PM, Don Green Dragon wrote:
>> I've looked in both Graetzer and The LaTeX Companion, but have not found any clues. Suggestions?
> The package ntheorem can do this. It's not compatible with amsthm, but it's pretty close in syntax (to start with -- it has much more features and customisation potential).

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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