[OS X TeX] Font installation does not work

Thomas Käufl kaeufl at online.de
Sat Aug 27 21:26:10 CEST 2011

great, that worked -- thank you.

Am 27. Aug 2011 um 17:16 schrieb Michael Sharpe:

> Check first that you don't have a version of updmap.cfg and  
> associated psfonts.map in your personal texmf trees. If you do have  
> them, delete them and see if uop works.

This didn't apply.

> If not, it seems likely that the files did not end up where you  
> expected them. You could try re-installing them using the following  
> steps:

I moved the files to the appropriate places (directories) and
cleaned up texmf-local.

> ...
> 3. sudo mktexlsr
> 4. sudo -H --syncwithtrees

Did you mean: sudo -H updmap-sys --synwithtrees?

As I looked into the man page of updmap-sys after the successful
installation of the font, I did not execute this step.

> 5. sudo -H updmap-sys
> (I'm assuming uop.map was found on your previous try so is already  
> in updmap.cfg.)

Yes, uop.map was already there.

> If all else fails, try the diagnostics in TeXFontUtility, from
> http://math.ucsd.edu/~msharpe/TeXFontUtility.dmg

A very interesting hint.


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