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>From the way it behaves, when I'm trying to finesse at the bottom of a
page, I suspect that LaTeX is trying to keep the height of each page the
same, or close to the same. Is there some "rubber" length that one can
redefine so that LaTeX is not so picky about each page being of the
exact same height?




I sometimes have the same problem with strange (to my eye) spacing. I
have set the height and width of my pages (see below), so my impression
is that LaTeX is trying to avoid widows and orphans. Generally, that is
a good thing, but when typesetting my outline fomat, LaTeX has a nasty
tendency to typeset point G at the bottom of one page, and items a, b,
and c of point G at the top of the next page.


You can define the page height and page width, as well as the height and
width of the text.


My normal commands for setting these are:


\pdfpagewidth 8.5in

\pdfpageheight 11in





You can also "fudge" the margins by using the \hfuzz and \vfuzz




Five points may not be sufficient "fuzz" vertically to solve your
problem, but I notice 5 points, so it's all I permit.


I hope that helps.


Susan Lantz


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