[OS X TeX] Re: TeX and 10.6.7

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Tue Apr 12 00:21:45 CEST 2011

Hi Phil, and others,

On 12/04/2011, at 1:41 AM, Phil Nelson <nelson at physics.upenn.edu> wrote:

> I'm having a big problem with TeXshop 2.38 and MacOS10.6.7. This problem just
> came to light in the past week, so very likely related to 10.6.7.

I'm starting to get this too now, but I've deliberately not updated to 10.6.7 following the recent postings on the XeTeX mailing list.

> I set a file with default Computer Modern fonts.
> Sometimes the resulting file is OK. Sometimes I get "could not extract font"
> and garbled glyphs in place of some CMMI characters.

For me, it happens only in reduced size, as in a text-style fraction.
Full size characters show just fine, and similar documents have worked fine previously.
Maybe it is just a font caching thing?

> Sometimes Adobe Acrobat 
> Pro 9 and X hang when viewing the file. Sometimes I send the file to PC users
> and they cannot open them.

I've had no such critical problems.

> This is a big issue for me, so any workaround would be welcome. One thing 
> that helped was to reset the document in Palatino using
> \usepackage{mathpazo}
> This makes me wonder if standard LaTeX fonts are old and need to be replaced.

That cannot be a reasonable solution.
There are 100,000s of PDFs in archives, having similar embedded subsetted fonts.
If some PDF reading software has recently changed, then this is a regression that needs to be reversed.

> Thanks for any advice.
> Phil Nelson

Hope this helps,


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