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On Apr 7, 2011, at 7:23 PM, Don Green Dragon wrote:

> Hello Shahriar,
> On 2011-07Apr-, at 12:28 PM, Shahriar Anwar wrote:
>> I am writing a document in LaTeX memoir class. The editors (who only know MS Word) are requiring that my footnote font size must be the same as that of the main body (which is 11 pt). Can you please help me fix this ``unreasonable" demand? 
>> Also, how do I keep the same linespacing (doublespace) in footnotes as in the main document?
> In the source code, you can try
> There will be three {\large footnotes} \footnote{First -- as a regular footnote } associated with this \footnote{\tiny Second -- using `tiny' size} paragraph.\footnote{\normalsize Third -- in same size as in body}
> As best I can tell, the \normalsize guy delivers the same font size as in the regular text.
> However, you would have to make the change in every footnote.
> There should be a way of re-defining the value of '\footnotesize' so that globally it would have the same value as '\normalsize' but I'll say no more on that count.

In memoir, this is done simply by doing


> As to double spacing: If you put \usepackage{setspace} in you preamble, then you can use
> \begin{spacing}{<spacing parameter>} .... \end{spacing}

This isn't generally how setspace is used.  You load setspace and then simply put \doublespacing in your preamble.

> to do double spacing in either the body or footnotes. In the source, I tried
> Back to single spacing with an included footnote 
> \footnote{\begin{spacing}{2.0}
> There will not be a  footnote associated with this paragraph. There will not be a footnote associated with this paragraph. There will not be a footnote associated with this paragraph.
> \end{spacing}
> }
> and the footnote should be double spaced.
> But, if you try the above, then the \begin{spacing} throws in a \\ right after the superscript for the footnote. Does not look good to me! Somewhere I read the 1.5 should be used for "double spacing"!?!?!? Sorry but don't know how to get rid of the blank line above the start of the footnote.
> See page 106 in The LaTeX Companion (2nd ed) for discussion of the 'setspace' package.

Memoir emulates the setspace package, so you shouldn't use this solution.

In memoir, the correct solution is


in your preamble. The * means make captions and footnotes doublespaced as well.

> Double spacing in footnotes!!! Weird.  ;-)

Not uncommon for copy editing purposes.
Alan Munn
amunn at gmx.com

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