[OS X TeX] Using NATBIB to make a Harvard reference to a website

Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Apr 1 17:03:45 CEST 2011

At 21:14 +0100 31/3/11, George SINGER wrote:

>It's still not quite there. The attached files produce:
>Harvard (2010), Harvard Referencing Guide, [online] Available from: 
><http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm>	[Ac- cessed: 
>1st April 2011].
>The comma after Guide, needs to be a period. The gap between the > 
>and the [ is too big.

First let me make a general point. The advantage of using the url 
package and entering a url in BibDesk without any formatting as 
\url{http://...} is that it conforms to the principle of keeping 
content and formatting/rendering separate. The latter will be done in 
your LaTeX file on a document by document basis using the 
\DeclareUrlCommand as shown in my previous message. Your database 
entry need never change.

Now concerning your specific case. I have no experience with the 
NATBIB packege/style. However, on my machine I get exactly what you 
want by changing the document type in BibDesk to `unpublished' _and_ 

[online] Available from: 
\url{http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm} [Accessed: 
1st April 2011]

to the Note field. (Keep the \usepackage{url} and
in your preamble.)

Hope that this works for you as well.


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