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Don Green Dragon fergdc at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 28 01:13:32 CEST 2010

Hi Ross,

On 2010-2310-, at 3:04 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

> On 24/10/2010, at 7:45 AM, Don Green Dragon <fergdc at Shaw.ca> wrote:
>> In his book "More Math into LaTeX", George Gratzer suggests on page 101 how to use the \cleardoublepage command. When I include 
>> \usepackage{cleardoublepage}
> There is a command \cleardoublepage .
> No extra package is needed.

Hmmm! Well it did not work UNTIL I installed the line "\usepackage{cleardoublepage}" in the preamble and also copied Gratzer's file "cleardoublepage.sty" into the same directory as the source file. But, in view of your comment above, I checked again.

Commented out the line "\usepackage{cleardoublepage}" and added the command "\cleardoublepage" to the preamble. After several typesets there was no effect, BUT the Console output did NOT complain about the command "\cleardoublepage" --- I was not sure where to place it.

After uncommenting the line "\usepackage{cleardoublepage}", the next typeset worked. Next I commented out the command "\cleardoublepage", then typeset. Worked again! This is consistent with what Gratzer claimed. He never stated where the command "\cleardoublepage" should be placed, and here, it is not needed in the source file at all.

> Have you a book on LaTeX, or a listing of commands?
> Lamport,    Kopka and Daly,  the LaTeX Companion.
> These are the best.

I have the LaTeX Companion. I checked there after reading your comments. The explanation given there does not insure that you really get a blank page. The LaTeX companion example shows a page with header information included on an otherwise blank page. The package that Gratzer supplied does more, it really produces a blank page --- TeXShop displays a completely blank page.

>> in the preamble, the Console complains:
>> ! LaTeX Error: File `cleardoublepage.sty' not found.
>> Gratzer writes:
>> "If for you document class this does not work, use the package cleardoublepage.sty in the Samples folder."
> Maybe Grätzer provides a CD of examples with his book?

There is no CD, but you can download his example files from a website, which I did.

> Did you look there.
> In any case, \clearpage and \cleardoublepage are already part of LaTeX,
> So you can just use them.

I can use them, yes, but they do not produce a completely blank page. When I experimented with placing the command \cleardoublepage, by placing it at the end of a chapter which ends on an odd numbered page, following the example in LaTeX Companion, it had no effect. The even page which was supposed to be blank still carried a header line. Actually, LaTeX Companion points this out, so ......

> Well, I had the file 'cleardoublepage.sty' in the directory ~/Documents/Samples/ but in that location, TeXshop could not find it as the error line above shows. So I made a copy of the file 'cleardoublepage.sty' and placed in the same directory as the source file! That worked nicely, however, such solution seems ad hoc. Is there a 'standard' directory where I could have put this file so that TeXshop would have found it?

Still not sure how to handle the question above!  :-)  Every time I create a new source file wherein the \usepackage{cleardoublepage} will be used, it seems clumsy to have to copy the file cleardoublepage.sty into a directory.

Later: Axel's reply was what I was looking for.

> Hope this helps,

Well ..... not as much as usual!  But many thanks for replying.  ;-)

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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