[OS X TeX] Chapter indexes

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 18:26:49 CEST 2010

I have Chapter tocs (titleref), which is very nice, and I see that  
one can have Chapter bibliographies (chapterbib). But I have not been  
able to find out how to have chapter indexes.

(1) The only mention in Companion 2ed is on page 681, re the index  
package by David Jones: "this makes the creation of a chapter index  
more difficult".

I looked up the index package. Indeed, not easy. For one thing, there  
is the LaTeX limitation to 16 output streams which Jones goes around  

	"At the end of the run, you could then re-run your main file a  
couple of times with different indexes disabled until you had created  
all of the raw index files. This is somewhat clumsy, but safer than  
any alternative IÕve come up with5 ."

And it is indeed "fraught with dangers" as Jones himself says.

(2) Given the "more difficult" in Companion, I googled "Latex chapter  
index" but that produced only the same question on old.nabble with no  

Should anyone have the solution or advice of where to look for it, I  
would be much obliged.

(3) By the way, I can think of two possible chapter indexes:
	--For the terms introduced in chapter n
	--For the terms introduced in chapters ² n
Each would seem to have its merits for "developmental students", the  
kind I am currently writing for, but the "ideal" would be the second  
with the terms introduced in chapter n typeset, say, boldfaced.

Hopeful regards

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