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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
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Hi George,

On 11/10/2010, at 9:10 PM, George Gratzer wrote:

> Hi Ross,
> You saved my life. Of course, I knew all this at one time,
> those fonts were installed on my home
> desktop a long time ago. And as new computers came along, 
> they were automatically inherited.

But even with these there will still be some work to do ...

> On 2010-10-11, at 12:04 AM, Ross Moore wrote:
>> If you *must* use Computer Modern, then try the TeX-Illustrator fonts above.
> Of course, I must. The book has 125 illustrations.
> I want the formulas in the illustrations look like they do in the text.
> If I switch the text, say to Times, I can use Spivak's fonts. For this, I would have to 
> redo 125 illustrations, with at least 1,000 formulas (this  number is just a guess.)
> Attached a simple example.

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 ... since some characters will not show correctly.
Notice how the '-' is missing in  y_{m-1}  at the right edge
of the example you sent.

In my experience, missing '-' signs are the single most annoying
problem when importing images having CM-encoded fonts into a more
standardly-encoded font within a PDF. 
If you do not fix this, you risk having your book published with
these characters missing. 

I've done books in which every image had to be touched-up 
(in Illustrator) to find and replace all such instances
 --- especially in the axes-tick labelling.

> Thanks again.
> GG

Hope this helps,


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