[OS X TeX] Announce: TeXShop Tips & Tricks. UPDATE!

Axel Kielhorn a.kielhorn at web.de
Sun Oct 10 18:11:20 CEST 2010

Am 10.10.2010 um 17:04 schrieb Richard Koch:

>> I just noted that synctex works source to pdf but not pdf to source when using included documents.
> This shouldn't happen. Do you include those documents in the root document?

No, I have a main document (actually several that set up the paper size) and than input the preamble file which includes the chapters. (No exactly straight forward, but this is not my document, I'm just adding a new chapter to an existing document.)

>> Suggestion for future TeXShop versions:
>> Maybe the menu command should insert a TEX root line into the file?
> There is such an item in the Macro menu, if you use the latest defaults as of the last year or so.
> The item was written by Ramón M. Figueroa-Centeno, and it allows you to choose the root in a
> dialog, and then automatically puts it at the top of your include source.

I have a macro but it just enters

%!TEX root =  

at the top of the file, which is rather pointless.
The same happens with encoding and TS-program.

I'm using System 10.6.4 in german, it doesn't change when I switch TeXShop to english.

I have tried with a new user and it works (both german and english)
I have remove the ~/Libray/TeXShop/Macros folder, restarted TeXShop and now it works. (The old macro file was dated 2007)

(I have included the list, just in case there are more long time users that fell into that trap.)

can you add the three macros to the Tips&Tricks?
Especially the encoding macro is extremely useful since I can't remember the names of all these encodings.


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