[OS X TeX] Inserting a few words in "non-latin-character" languages

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 04:47:50 CEST 2010

On Oct 3, 2010, at 9:49 PM, Cyril Niklaus wrote:

> On 4 oct. 2010, at 02:17, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> As single, isolated example in the magnum opus, I would like to  
>> give translations of the word table in a few "exotic" languages.  
>> Of course, I immediately ran into problems.
> Peter told you to give XeLaTeX a try, here's a quick example to  
> give you some ideas.
> %!TEX TS-program = xelatex
> %!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode
> \documentclass[12pt]{article}
> \usepackage{fontspec}
> \usepackage{polyglossia}
> \usepackage{verbatim}
> \setdefaultlanguage{english}
> \setotherlanguage{russian}
> \defaultfontfeatures{Mapping=tex-text}
> \setromanfont{Code2000}
> \setmonofont[Scale=MatchLowercase]{Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro}
> \lccode"2019="0027
> \begin{document}
> Easy way using one font for all scripts :
> « I could not find all the characters for таблице, and, of  
> course, I have no clue for the Chinese  表 which I got from Google  
> translate and thought I could copy-paste in a graphics program and  
> make into a pdf but couldn't do.  Even with the Vietnamese bảng  
> \verb=\overset{'}{a}= does not properly place the accent. »
> One can also use the \verb=\setotherlanguage= option of  
> polyglossia  and then simply write \verb=\textrussian{Русский} 
> =  :
> \textrussian{Русский}. It may be more useful when dealing  
> with text rather than single words.
> Of course, if you want to select different fonts for different  
> languages, try using \begin{verbatim}\newfontfamily{\chinois}{Adobe  
> Fangsong Std}{\chinois 表}\end{verbatim}
> \newfontfamily{\chinois}{Adobe Fangsong Std}
> {\chinois 表}
> \begin{verbatim}\newfontfamily{\cyrillique}{Times}{\cyrillique  
> таблице}\end{verbatim}
> \newfontfamily{\cyrillique}{Times}
> {\cyrillique таблице}
> \end{document}<exemple polyglossia.pdf>

This use of verbatim may well be what I was looking for and I am  
going to give it a try ... tomorrow on a test file.

Grateful regards

P.S. I googled "XeLaTeX and GNU FDL" and "Mac system fonts and GNU  
FDL" but didn't find much as GNU FDL invariably refers to the article  
itself and neither to XeLaTeX nor Mac system fonts. I assume that the  
problem is with the system fonts. 

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