[OS X TeX] \includegrapghics problem

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Thu Nov 25 20:54:10 CET 2010

Hi All,

Recently, a week ago, I upgraded to MacTeX-2010. That seemed to go well. Then last night a TeX doc, involving about 24 drawings, suddenly changed course. I'm "almost" certain that I have previously worked on it successfully with the MacTeX-2010 system, but not abosolutely sure. Anyway .....

On typesetting, everything EXCEPT the drawings (figures),  was fine but the figures showed the caption, and the bounding box for the figure. Instead of the drawing, within the bounding box, one finds text referring to the source file for the figure; e.g., 


The directory "Figures" is a subdirectory of the directory where the source file is located, and it holds all the .pdf and .png files that are referred to in the source file.

Previously, all 24 figures had displayed nicely !!!! when opened with the MacTeX-2009 system.

Opening another document which uses 'figures' in a similar setup, the figures showed up properly. Therefore, I concluded that some is wrong with my source file.

Thanks to advice from Lars Marsden, and others, I finally did a TeXLive update with

sudo tlmgr update --all

Because the list of updates was long and plentiful  :-)  that took a while, but the Terminal output, which I watched carefully .... for a long time ... listed no complaints. Checking the 'misbehaving' source file again: same problem, no drawings, just text.

Made another test! Opened my 'standard' template, threw out everything between \begin{document} and \end{document} and used a \begin{figure} ... \end{figure} construction  to test the files in ...<path to>/Figures/. Checked five of them, one at a time, and each opened without a flaw.

So, I must have changed something in the source file, but I have no clues. Here are some lines from the 'console' file relating to some of the graphic files that fail to be displayed:

[14] <Figures/Fig1-1.png, id=91, 674.52pt x 660.4675pt> [15]
Overfull \hbox (30.0pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 780--781
[] |
[16] <Figures/Fig1-BetweenSymmetry.png, id=98, 1000.73875pt x 275.0275pt>
[17] <Figures/Fig1-SegmentExtension.png, id=103, 1000.73875pt x 621.32124pt>
<Figures/Fig1-DoubleExtension.png, id=104, 1000.73875pt x 380.42125pt> [18]
[19] [20]

The references above are to .png files, but there are several which refer to .pdf files, but are not included here. To me they look similar. A typical \includegraphics command in the source file would be


What should I check?

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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