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> I use the book document style and load the AMS packages, in particular, amsthm.  
> theorems with names, e.g.
> Theorem 5 (Fundamental theorem of  AbelianGroups).
> is typeset with 
> Theorem 5
> and the period  in bold, 
> (Fundamental Theorem of AbelianGroups)
> not. Of course,  it is easy to make 
> Fundamental Theorem of AbelianGroups
> bold, but  I would need the parenthesis bold also.
> The amslatex distribution has a  file called testmath.pdf in 
> amslatex/doc/latex/amsmath
> On p.6 of  this file there are two theorems with everything in bold. 
>Unfortunately,  there
> is no source provided or explanation given.
> Does anybody know  the trick?

The follow appears to produce the desired result in my book MS:

\begin{theorem}[Universal Scalability Law]
The universal scalability law (\ref{eqn:urepman}) is equivalent to the 
synchronous bound on the relative throughput (speedup) of a 
load-dependent machine-repairman queueing model with a 
service time that is a linear function of the $p$ active processors.

The only proviso is that I'm using Springer's book style, so I can't guarantee 


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