[OS X TeX] dvips problem

lycee.condorcet at voila.fr lycee.condorcet at voila.fr
Wed Nov 10 19:38:28 CET 2010

Hello, just some news.

- xdvi works fine (3 images) with gs 8.71 but not with gs 9.0 (GPL Ghostscript from macports)  (1 image) : ?????

- if I modify the end of the file /usr/local/texlive/2010/texmf-dist/tex/latex/latexconfig/graphics.cfg with explicit calls to gunzip :

       % Fix for dvips and xdvi versions that can uncompress
       % graphic files without an explicite call of gunzip.
       % (The fix is not applied for miniltx.tex, because
       % \AtEndOfPackage is not available in plainTeX.)
       \expandafter\ifx\csname AtEndOfPackage\endcsname\relax
             \ifx\x\Gin at driver
               \DeclareGraphicsRule{.pz}{eps}{.bb}{`gunzip -c #1}%
               \DeclareGraphicsRule{.eps.Z}{eps}{.eps.bb}{`gunzip -c #1}%
               \DeclareGraphicsRule{.ps.Z}{eps}{.ps.bb}{`gunzip -c #1}%
               \DeclareGraphicsRule{.ps.gz}{eps}{.ps.bb}{`gunzip -c #1}%
               \DeclareGraphicsRule{.eps.gz}{eps}{.eps.bb}{`gunzip -c #1}%

I obtain with "latex essai.tex" :

       (./essai.aux) <`gunzip -c cgcone.eps.gz> <`gunzip -c cgcone.eps.gz>
       <`gunzip -c cgcone.eps.gz>
       Overfull \hbox (26.05197pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 4--7

and with "dvips essai.dvi" :

       This is dvips(k) 5.99 Copyright 2010 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com)
       ' TeX output 2010.11.10:2201' -> essai.ps
       dvips: Secure mode is 1 so execute <gunzip -c cgcone.eps.gz> will not run
       dvips: Secure mode is 1 so execute <gunzip -c cgcone.eps.gz> will not run
       dvips: Secure mode is 1 so execute <gunzip -c cgcone.eps.gz> will not run

and (finaly) with "dvips -R0 essai.dvi" I obtain the correct result with three images.

Have someone a good soluce for the problem ?

And I would like to know why there is no dvipdf program in mactex distribution.


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>  >:
> > I've made a little test. I join the result and the different files  
> > to this mail.
> Yes, it's obvious, that your version of dvips from MacTeX 2010  
> produces a faulty PS file with only one included EPS file and the  
> other two with just reserved space. Ghostscript 8.71 and Ghostscript  
> 9.0 show this, and also Apple's /usr/bin/pstopdf produces an exact  
> (faulty) PDF copy of your PS file.
> When I use my old dvips from a TeX Live 2010 test release it produces  
> the correct output from your DVI and other files in your ZIP archive.
> Can you write all which Apple hardware you are using with which  
> version of Snow Leopard? And are you using the 64 bit or the 32 bit  
> binaries from MacTeX?
> You might save some time and work using on the command line
> 	 simpdftex latex --maxpfb --mode dvips --keep-psfile essai.tex

I didn't know this command, thanks

> to produce DVI, PS, and PDF files at once (the latter two presumingly  
> defective). By adding "--debug" to the list of options simpdftex will  
> output some text while it is converting the TeX source file.
> I added Richard Koch to the list of recipients because he is the  
> builder of MacTeX and its binaries.
> --
> Greetings
>    Pete

> Ce qui été compris n'existe plus. (Paul Eluard)

Si cela pouvait être le cas de mon problème... :-)


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