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Mon Nov 8 15:08:15 CET 2010

Hi Peter,

But I have the correponding BB file !

I use eps.gz graphics in many files, and I had no such problem with leopard and MacTex 2008 (and older). The problem whith dvips appeared few days ago with the upgrade to snow-leopard and MacTeX 2010.

When I said "there is no problem with dvips", I would say that dvips indicate no error.

I've made a little test. I join the result and the different files to this mail.

Thanks for your help


> Am 07.11.2010 um 07:05 schrieb <lycee.condorcet at voila.fr> <lycee.condorcet at voila.fr 
>  >:
> > 000117: PSfile="efforts-rubadh.eps.gz" llx=0 lly=0 urx=842 ury=595  
> > rwi=2834
> This line tells that a page sized EPS image (landscape, 842×595  
> PostScript or TeX big points) is included – which may not be true...
> In the absence of a BB file LaTeX writes into my DVI output file:
> 	000117: PSfile="1a.eps.gz" llx=0 lly=0 urx=72 ury=72 rwi=2834
> 1"×1", although it has a different size. This is recorded in the DVI  
> output file when the BB file is present:
> 	000117: PSfile="1a.eps.gz" llx=20 lly=20 urx=555 ury=329 rwi=2834
> Look into your LOG file! When you claim "No there is no problem with  
> dvips" then the problem has to be with latex, the creator of the DVI  
> file, on which, may it be faulty or correct, dvips has to work. When  
> dvips works correctly, then a faulty DVI file is converted to a faulty  
> PS file.
> Xdvi is no good witness: It inserts the picture (and for me one falls  
> off the right edge). The same is presumingly true for dvipdf (or  
> dvipdfm or dvipdfmx): Either the pictures are included at their real  
> size and fall off some edge or the more clever dvipdfm and dvipdfmx  
> can read the
> 	%%BoundingBox: 20 20 555 329
> comment in the EPS file and work on them more sanely. Given the *PS  
> files are not compressed or a rule is given which describes how to  
> handle them.
> A BB file (1a.eps.bb) can have this contents (the HiResBoundingBox is  
> not always useful):
> 	%Title: ./1a.eps
> 	%%Creator: ebb Version 0.5.2
> 	%%BoundingBox: 20 20 555 329
> 	%%HiResBoundingBox: 20.000000 20.500000 555.000000 328.500000
> 	%%CreationDate: Tue Jul  1 00:48:52 2008
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