[OS X TeX] dvips problem

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Nov 7 00:52:55 CET 2010

Am 06.11.2010 um 23:19 schrieb <lycee.condorcet at voila.fr> <lycee.condorcet at voila.fr 

> I use the command line (and Xemacs)

I used the command line in GNU Emacs and also AUCTeX (which was using  
TeX Live 2009 because of environment). The versions you report are  
what I see as well.

My commands were:

	latex file
	dvips file -o file.ps

the latter a bit unorthodox, I think, dvips would have preferred '-o  
file.ps file'... Here it's OK.

Do you see latex complain about missing bounding box dimensions,  
possibly stopping? And I still don't know how you create the PS file  
from the LaTeX source...

BTW, you can look with XEmacs into the DVI file. The utilities disdvi  
and dvitype can also give you clues about the DVI file. Do you check  
the PS file with a particular viewer or do you just read PostScript?



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	A powerful algorithmic encoding technique employed in the creation of  
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