[OS X TeX] Another feature request

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Sat May 29 15:48:24 CEST 2010

The proposal: 

Having "command-zero" as shortcut for opening and closing the console, from whatever document's window is front. 


This would be very useful for laptops and small screens. And even for large screens: I prefer to use all that space for having the source window and the typeset window in parallel and at the best possible sizes; so, being able to bring the console front and back (or open and close it) with a keystroke would be ideal (as it is now "command-one" for jumping from source to typeset and back).

It seemed to me it is not possible to user-define this, neither in TeXShop nor in System Preferences, because the name of the console window and of its associated menu item start with the current file's name. 

A partial alternative would be to have this window renamed as just "Console". At least, this would enable interested users to define a TeXShop macro or a System keybinding to open it (but I don't know what one would do to close it). 

Note also that now, when the Console is the front window, "command-one" has no effect.  

And, yes, I am an old Textures user...


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