[OS X TeX] Help for Windows users of MacTex files?

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Mon May 24 21:38:38 CEST 2010

(1) I created in TeXShop a Lalala.tex which, when I typeset it  
creates in turn a Lalala.pdf. A number of choices as to how the  
document will turn out to be are controlled by which single one in a  
list of commands is uncommented. The file is downloadable from the  
web but the users tend not to like to open Lalala.tex so as to  
comment/uncomment to get what they want.

(2) I would like to make a Front End that would allow the user:

	(a) to open Lalala.tex–––but hopefully NOT display it,
	(b) to choose which in the list of commands is to be uncommented  
(Even I know how to do that.)
	(c) to typeset Lalala.tex and display Lalala.pdf

(3) The way would seem to let TeXShop do the work but I have no idea  
what to do when it is a Windows user who downloads Lalala.tex (the  
majority of course.)

I suppose that double-clicking on Lalala.tex will open it even under  
Windows but don't know what's creating the pdf under Windows. Then  
there is the question of what will display it. Etc, etc.

I am aware that this is the Mac list so my question is only where  
would I have a chance to find help re Windows?

Hopeful regards

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