[OS X TeX] XCircuit - slightly OT

Christopher T. Allen 95 Christopher.T.Allen.95 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Fri May 14 18:52:57 CEST 2010

I hope this isn't too OT. I apologize if it is. I've decided I'm making far too 
many circuit diagrams to continue using the brute force method via PSTricks. 
After looking around I decided XCircuit seems the best way to go. I should be 
able to export circuit diagrams that I can incorporate into my LaTeX 
documents fairly easily.

Many hours later I've got gcc loaded properly and have fixed all the 
permission errors that were cropping up. The program's loaded. I run it. The 
window pops up and the graphics start appearing... then crash! It fails 
partway through loading.

Segmentation fault      "$(dirname 
/Wish.app/Contents/MacOS/Wish" "$@"

I thought I did a pretty good job handling the permission errors and the like 
before. Now I'm totally lost. I'm only used to segmentation faults when I'm 
coding myself, not from other sources. Can anyone help me with this? I can 
get the whole error report, too.

Thank you so much!

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