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Mon May 10 06:18:24 CEST 2010

Greetings  "David Watson" <dewatson at me.com>
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Re: [OS X TeX] Some beginner questions

Hi DAvid,

DW>> Vector Drawings
DW>> ===============
DW>> I've been reading Oetiker's manual on LaTeX2e and somewhat overpowered by his discussion of "Producing Mathematical Graphics". I don't know Mac software yet. Is there not some vector drawing program that could be used on the iMac and the resulting drawings saved as EPS or PostScript or ....? If there is, I'd appreciate a hint. Need to be able to create simple, coloured drawings to augment my work.

DW> I would recommend having a look at http://www.inkscape.org/ for a nice "Illustrator" like package.
DW> You can export .eps or .pdf and you can read the .pdf file directly or the .eps file indirectly into a pdflatex'd document with the assistance of the package epstopdf.

Okay, I think that is the second or third reference to Inkscape. When I get back to the Mac I will look it up.

Thank you.

Cheers  Don (Green Dragon)

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