[OS X TeX] General Font Question

Richard J Benish rjbenish at teleport.com
Sat Mar 13 09:11:51 CET 2010


Being a "naive" and occasional user of LaTex, and seeing how often 
font problems arise on this mailing list, I have a question about why 
fonts should be such a problem.

The question also stems from my background in graphic arts, whose 
application programs such as Illustrator, FreeHand, Photoshop, etc., 
make having many fonts available at all times (if desired) extremely 

So why can't LaTex work with the same ease? Why can't fonts that are 
readily available for graphics applications (and even word 
processors, etc.) be made readily available in LaTex? I'd guess LaTex 
would have many more users if font loading were not so daunting. I've 
never even tried loading a new font for LaTex because I don't 
understand how, and the many challenging experiences communicated on 
this list are a big disincentive to bother.

But I like having lots of fonts available, so I ask.

Thanks for any comments.

Richard Benish

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