[OS X TeX] list of abreviatures in alfabetical order

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 10:48:00 CET 2010

> hi everybody!!,
> I must to do a list of abreviatures ({description}) and I looked for a way
> to automatically order the list alphabetically... I didn´t find anything..
> Is there any way to order a list of items?? or.. Is there any package to
> perform this kind of lists (abreviatures, list of chemical reactives...)??

It is very easy to sort anything alphabetically, at least in Snow Leopard.
Here is what I do in my mac to sort lines: 
	1- select the lines I wish to sort (in TeXShop, Mail, or whatever)
	2- press a keyboard shortcut
	3- there is no step 3

The way to achieve this magic is to use, or create, a very simple Service, using Automator.
You may create something like this (a quick hack, but good enough; it seems to add a blank line before the sorted lines, but that is not a huge deal):

	Open Automator
	Choose to create a Service
	In the upper right, set it to "Receive text" in "any application"
	Mark the checkbox that says "replace text"
	Add a single action of kind "Run Shell Script" (it is within the group "Utilities")
	In the content part, just write the following (without the quotes): "sort"
	Save it and give a reasonable name (say, sort)
	(optionally) in System Preferences->Services, give it a keyboard shortcut

Now, you can sort as I do :-)


Luis Sequeira

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