[OS X TeX] LaTeX on iPad?

Jimi Alphapower at gmx.de
Sat Mar 6 21:32:31 CET 2010

>>> It'd be easy to port TeX/pdfTeX/LaTeX/etc to the iPad. (We showed  
>>> e-TeX and a prototype DVI viewer running on the iPhone last year;  
>>> see Kaveh's presentation from TUG '09, for example.)
>> Just out of curiosity, how did you do this?  My understanding is  
>> that you can't fork/exec on iPhone, so I didn't think the task  
>> approach used by TeXShop and others would work.
> The TeX engine is essentially turned into a library and linked  
> directly with the viewer application, so as far as the OS is  
> concerned, it's a single executable.

Is the shown app available in the App-Store available? If so, is there  
content available?

independent of that: how do you control copyrights (DRM)?


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