[OS X TeX] TexShop features request

Thierry rhomunu-list at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 23 12:21:52 CEST 2010

I really like the way TeXShop can use "meta information" at the beginning of tex files via the tag 
%!TEX ...

Would it be possible to extend this feature to other useful customization?

Here are some ideas:
1- a tag to tell Texshop to open the associated pdf file in a certain "page" mode. 
I prefer "multiple pages" for ordinary documents (default for me), but I would like "simple page" for documents prepared with the beamer class.
So a tag like
%!TEX page = simple
would be very convenient: no change to perform in the menu "Page" each time the document is open.

2- to tell Texshop to chose specific commands to create the Tag pulldown menu.
Default is \chapter -> \subsection, but it would be convenient to have for instance
 \begin{frame} and \frame for documents prepared with the beamer class.
So, a line like
%!TEX tag =  \begin{frame}[]{#}, \frame[]{#}
would be convenient (just an idea for the syntax).
I have seen in the documentation that %: could help, but I would like to get the logical structure of the document directly without to have to write it down explicitly.

I am sure there would be a lot more ideas in that direction.



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