[OS X TeX] Re: ANN: TeXor 1.0 - A batch typesetter for TeXShop

Ramón Figueroa-Centeno ramonf at hawaii.edu
Mon Jun 14 23:16:42 CEST 2010

Aloha Alain,

You are confusing two different programs.

1. TeXor, which is a drag and drop application. You drag a TeX document(s) on it and it typesets it. Now, in TeXShop you have at least two mechanisms to specify how you want your document typeset. Let's say that you want to typeset a document that requires you to use LaTeX and DVI, as opposed to pdflatex. Then you go to one of the menus and choose that engine (aka program), and hit typeset. However, what if you want to hardcode your choice, so that that particular document typesets always in that particular way. Well in that case Dick Koch added a simple mechanism whereby you define the engine entering a tag, which to LaTeX is just a comment, but TeXShop uses it to always make that choice. So a document that has the line (among it's first 20 lines) 

% !TEX TS-program  = pdftex

will always make that choice, i.e., pdftex to typeset the document.

Now, TeXor will use that mechanism (since it runs without user interaction) to determine which engine to use. If no tag is present it will use the default way  that TeXShop uses for LaTeX (usually pdflatex if you have not changed it in the preferences).

Now, drag TeX files on TeXor's application icon in the Finder and TeXor will typeset all of them, and present you with a log, similar to TeXShop's log. You will see that if there are errors you may get links to click to in the TeXor console, if you have TeXShop Webpage Helper installed then clicking on those links will take you to the offending line in your document.

2. TeXShop Webpage Helper is an application that you install and don't run directly. Indeed, double clicking on it has no effect. What it does is that it reacts to links that when clicked give commands to TeXShop (nothing sinister, only go to this or that line and possibly insert some text).

Now, an example of it's power is the document "George Grätzer's Math Symbols Table.pdf". If you open it in a PDF reader (e.g., TeXShop) you will see a relatively faithful reproduction of Grätzer's table, but with the symbols and commands in red, because they are live links. Open a document in TeXShop, place the cursor where you want a character inserted, say \alpha, click on the link for \alpha on the table and it will be inserted. So you see the table is not just a table it is an equation editor.

Let me know if you are still confused,


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On Jun 14, 2010, at 7:52 AM, "Alain Schremmer-2 [via MacOSX-TeX]" <ml-node+5178573-271637608-49831 at n2.nabble.com> wrote:

> On Jun 14, 2010, at 11:07 AM, Ramón Figueroa-Centeno wrote: 
> > 
> > Thanks Herb, 
> > 
> > You are always a gentleman. 
> > 
> > Now, I uploaded version 1.0.2 which has a few little bug fixes and   
> > better 
> > documentation. Please delete the previous version before installing   
> > this new 
> > one.
> 1) Of course, I had not noticed that what I had dragged was a folder   
> in which there indeed was George Grätzer's Math Synbols Table.pdf.   
> Apologies to all. 
> 2) OK, now I trashed it, got the latest one, dated June 14, 2010 but   
> with no version number so I don't really know if it is version 1.0.2, 
> --placed said folder in Application > LaTeX, right next to TeXShop 2.26 
> --opened the article, typed on top of it the "% !TEX TS-program ="   
> that was mentioned in June 13, 2010 11:41:56 PM EDT, 
> --placed the insertion point somewhere in the document, 
> --clicked \cos in George Grätzer's Math Synbols Table.pdf that was in   
> the folder. 
> The system tells me that I am opening TeXShop Webpage Helper for the   
> first time, but nothing else happens. 
> 3) I assumed that I should add TeXShop Webpage Helper after "% !TEX   
> TS-program =". Still no go. But then of course I know nothing about   
> engines. (Except Renault Dauphine/R8 engines of the early sixties.) 
> May I respectfully suggest that a few words of encouragement for the   
> install-challenged be incorporated in the 2.0 Manual. The very first   
> line, "TEXShop Webpage Helper is a handler for the protocol (scheme   
> name) texshop://," threw me into abysmal angst. 
> Hopeful regards 
> --schremmer 
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