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On Jun 10, 2010, at 4:36 PM, Art Werschulz wrote:

> I have a *very* small amount of Hebrew that I would like to include in a book.  I will be working on both a Mac and a Linux system (installed from TeXLive 2008).  The latter suggests that I may not be able to do anything that involves (say) Macintosh Hebrew fonts.
> What's the easiest way of doing this?

It's a little odd to reply to your own msg, but anyway ...

On the Linux side, I dug up Joel Hoffman's hletter1.tex, which I used a long time ago, along with the the MetaFont source for the Hebrew fonts (hclassic, hcaption) it used.  It seems to work okay on the Linux side.

There's a problem on the Mac side.  The good news is that his hclassic and hcaption fonts are available as part of ArabTex.  However, hclassic-4.pfb, which may be found at
is missing a bunch of glyphs.  THe only thing I'm finding are some punctuation marks, some niqqudot (vowels), 'ayin, and an aleph-lamed combination.

Where can I find a complete hclassic.pfb?


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