[OS X TeX] Several page layouts in the same document

Ewan Delanoy ewan.delanoy at gmx.fr
Wed Jun 9 09:03:49 CEST 2010

 Thanks Alan and Alain ... your solution almost works,
although for some reason the new geometry package
behaves slightly differently from the old one : with
the old one I got an exact paving of the page, with
the new one the paving overlaps and is too far left.

 the natural fix to this would be to change the coordinates
of the rectangle, e.g. 

\draw[xstep=1.75cm,ystep=2.47,gray!50] (a,b) grid (21,29.65);

instead of

\draw[xstep=1.75cm,ystep=2.47,gray!50] (0,0) grid (21,29.65);

where a and b are ad hoc values.
Not surprisingly, the paving's location in the page stays the same whatever 
values I put for a and b. Any ideas on how to fix this ?


Alain Matthes said :

>\newgeometry{margin=0in} % use this to temporarily change the margins
>\noindent \begin{tikzpicture}[x=1cm,y=1cm] 
>\draw[xstep=1.75cm,ystep=2.47,gray!50] (0,0) grid (21,29.65);
>\lipsum[1-2] % just to demonstrate that it works
>You can use changepage.sty to modify mid-layout but geometry is perfect 
>To change the first page and add a grid on the first page, you can also use 
>Best Regards 
>Alain Matthes
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