[OS X TeX] Re: [ANN] MetaPost Scripts (aka MetaPost Engines 1.3.2b1)

Franck Pastor franck.pastor at skynet.be
Mon Jan 25 12:19:59 CET 2010

Le 25 janv. 10 à 11:15, Nicola a écrit :

> In article <C76705DB-67E1-4F30-ABE2-F5DA8B505437 at skynet.be>,
> Franck Pastor <franck.pastor at skynet.be>
> wrote:
>> Le 24 janv. 10 à 19:12, Nicola a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> version 1.3.2b1 of my MetaPost Engines for TeXShop is available for
>>> download
>> In the README for your MetaPost's engines, I notice this:
>> nv-metapost.engine is meant as a replacement for
>> “mpost” and nvmetafun.engine as a replacement for “mptopdf”.
>> Allow me to (partly) disagree: I think that the original "mpost"
>> engine of TeXShop should remain what it is. Because it is the most
>> relevant for the users of the mfpic package (from Dan Luecking), as I
>> am.
> Yes, I have discussed about that with Richard Koch, and he plans to
> leave the original mpost engine as it is, not to break anything. The
> “mptopdf” engine should be replaced by nv-metafun instead.

OK. Is it possible to use nv-metafun with LaTeX instead of ConTeXt for  
typesetting labels? (it may be a naive question…)

>> If you have mfpic code embedded in your original LaTeX document, you
>> only have to typeset it first with with LaTeX, then with MetaPost
>> (settled with the original TeXShop engine), and then again with  
>> LaTeX,
>> and it's done.
> Nice, I hadn't realized that. Could you please send me an example  
> that I
> can test?

I send it to you in a apart message.

>> Mpfic does not need any PDF version of the MetaPost
>> pictures to include them in the document.
> nv-metapost can be instructed not to output PDF if you don't want
> (there's a FAQ entry in the README about that). The engine nv-metapost
> with PDF output turned off just runs mpost, as the current mpost  
> engine
> in TeXShop does.

I didn't know of that! Thanks, I will read the FAQ more intently.

Many thanks again

Franck Pastor

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