[OS X TeX] [ANN] MetaPost Scripts (aka MetaPost Engines 1.3.2b1)

Nicola nvitacolonna at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 19:12:56 CET 2010

version 1.3.2b1 of my MetaPost Engines for TeXShop is available for 
download at:


What's new

1) The engines can parse an %!MPOST directive in the source file. 
Currently this can be used to specify which TeX processor to use for the 
text labels.

2) nv-metafun.engine now uses texexec by default for the text labels.

3) When typesetting a single figure and foo.0 was translated into pdf, 
the resulting file was foo.pdf. Now, the pdf output is called foo-0.pdf, 
consistently with the behaviour in the general case (there is still 
foo.pdf for the preview, of course).

4) Brand new README file! It includes a FAQ section: I hope it will 
clarify most doubts users have reported in the past.

5) More examples (the 'test' folder has been renamed 'examples')!

The MetaPost engines are now included in an archive called "MetaPost 
Scripts", which contains some other stuff:

- Syntax coloring for MetaPost in TextWrangler;
- AppleScript scripts to typeset MetaPost from TextWrangler;
- Syntax coloring for Smultron (unmaintained).

This version of the MetaPost engines should make its way through the 
next TeXShop release. I kindly ask people to report any bug, so that 
that release will be as good as possible.


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