[OS X TeX] Compiling MikTex tools for Unix

Berend Hasselman bhh at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 9 19:00:46 CET 2010

On 09-01-2010, at 17:23, Benoit RIVET wrote:

> Le 9 janv. 2010 à 16:54, Berend Hasselman a écrit :
>> The error message says it all. You can't mix 32/64 bit architectures.
>> You must force the compiler to produce a 32-bit application since your QT library is 32-bit.
>> Possible options for gcc are  -arch i386 or -m32 or something similar.
> As a matter of fact, all of these nice subtleties go beyond my level of expertise.

Excuse me for saying this: why are you then trying this?
They are not subtleties but essentials.
The MiKTeX tools build system is not checking the architecture of the system you are compiling on.

> I certainly can understand the problem, but not quite easily how to fix it. Is this a setting I have to change in the source files, or is there a magic terminal voodoo in order to change the compiler option. Does it have permanent effect, in which case I should invoke some other voodoo to go back to the default settings after compiling ?
> Along with Miktex sources, there's a README.UNX file listing some prerequisites; and claiming that one compiles and installs Miktex Tools by invoking :
> cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"
> make
> sudo make install
> sudo initexmf --admin --configure
> sudo mpm --admin --update-db
> initexmf --update-fndb

You will have to either tell cmake to put some extra C++ compiler options in the makefile.
Or you will have to modify the makefile.
I have no idea how you can tell cmake to put additional compiler options into the makefiles.
You're on your own there.

> I did my best to get the prerequisites (cmake, Qt dev kit (installed last 4.6 version), lynx, xsltproc, libcurl and pthreads libraries and header files) listed in README.unx (though I'm not sure about pthreads libraries and header files, but I don't think this causes the problem I stumbled upon). The first command (cmake ...) goes fine, but the make command doesn't, as reported in my first message. I'm sure that I've got to change some option somewhere, but I'm clueless as to which specific file to change.
> As to why I should try and install pdftex-miktex, when I can have everything I need whith TexLive, I will answer : why should I not ?

Because it is quite a hassle and what's the expected return?
I wouldn't dream of attempting to compile these tools.

> I really appreciate on the fly installation of missing packages with MikTex on windows. It's good to enjoy the best of both worlds, isn't it ?

MacTeX has it all from CTAN.
It is quite unlikely that you will need to download additional packages.

Enjoy MacTeX:-)


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