[OS X TeX] Scaling figures in (pdf)latex produced with gnuplot, etc.

Jimi Alphapower at gmx.de
Sun Feb 28 23:01:34 CET 2010


I produce most of my figures with Gnuplot. Generally I use the same  
figures several times (e.g. in journals, proceedings, posters,  
presentations, ...). But there is a problem. If I include the figure  
with \includegraphics[width=...]{figname}, both the graph and the text  
is scaled.

I have seen that Gnuplot offers the possibility to generate e.g. tex 
+eps files. In this case, (pdf)latex scales the font in the figure  
according to the font size of the text. To include the "figure", I use


which works fine. However, I generally need to scale the graph (e.g.  
1.0\textwidth, 1.0\columnwidth, ...). If I use the commands  
\resizebox{1.0\textwidth}{!}{\input{figure}} or
\scalebox{1.0\textwidth}{!}{\input{figure}}, also the text will be  
scaled and the advantage of using the Gnuplot terminal epslatex is lost.

Is there a way to include these files (eps+tex) and to scale the  
figure individually?

An alternative could be the package "gnuplottex". But also here I  
don't find an option to scale the figure precisely. And of course, it  
is not convenient to send the source files for the plots to a publisher.

Similar problems may have some users of XFig.



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