[OS X TeX] New Fonts and all that [WAS: New Macros, ...}

Luci Ellis luci at verbeia.com
Mon Feb 22 10:52:07 CET 2010

Dear Richard,

On 22/02/2010, at 7:26 AM, Richard J Benish wrote:

> I would guess that many naive users are destined to stay naive because it takes way too much time to get savvy. That is certainly true for me. (For example, I love different typefaces. I have a background in graphic arts. But the prospect of trying to simply install a new font in TexShop scares the hell out of me. I resign myself to just stick to the default.)

Actually, the fonts are installed into TeX, not TeXShop.

If it's any help at all, see my support files for various fonts including maths: http://www.verbeia.com/tex/ 

Let me know how it goes. I would be glad to hear how easy the documentation is for a "naive user".

There is also support for many Adobe fonts here: http://www.tug.org/yandy/usely1.htm

And there is much that can be done without doing any special wizardry other than loading a package. All of these are built into standard TeX installations including MacTeX.
For example:
\usepackage{txfonts} gives you Times
\usepackage{mathpazo} gives you Palatino
\usepackage{fourier} gives you Utopia
\usepackage{kpfonts} gives you a font that is similar to Palatino, but not quite the same.

You might not have these ones installed (it depends what installation you have and when you installed it)
\usepackage{gtamachoefler} gives you Hoefler
There are many others in the gtamac... group.

Best regards,

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