[OS X TeX] "Paste Spreadsheet Cells" and csv2latex

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Sun Feb 21 13:23:29 CET 2010

I mean new macros that are either offered courtesy of members of this list (I usually attach my offerings to my posts) or have been freshly included in the default set. The macro calling csv2latex would be such a candidate.

Of course it would also suffice if the authors of macros would attach a compiled Applescript to their posts to the list.


On Feb 21, 2010, at 2:27, Alan Munn wrote:

>> I therefore suggest that TS has one set of default macros which will be added at start up in case no macros could be found, and a set of compiled Applescripts that can be opened in Script Editor and used as macros for those who want to handpick their macros.
> I'm not quite sure what you mean here with your second set.  Would these be equivalent to the macros found in the "Applescript Macros" menu in TexShop or something else?

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