[OS X TeX] Beamer problem with simpdflatex/dvips

ludling ludling at aol.com
Thu Feb 11 00:54:17 CET 2010

On Feb 10, 2010, at 6:35 PM, Ross Moore wrote:

> Hello Nathan,
> On 11/02/2010, at 9:26 AM, ludling wrote:
>> I recently decided to try out Beamer, and I encountered a problem when compiling with the default TeXShop settings for "tex and dvi" (simpdftex latex --maxpfb).  The output contains everything it is supposed to, but each slide is located in the lower left corner of the page, with the page itself being in portrait mode and with the default size of a regular document.
>> This problem does not occur with pdflatex, which creates slides of the correct orientation and size, and with the slide contents taking up the entire page as expected.
>> Here is a minimal example that displays this behavior for me:
>> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>> \documentclass{beamer}
> Does your log-file (i.e., the Console Window) show whether or not
> the hyperref package is being loaded?
> If not, then try putting  \usepackage{hyperref}  in here.

There does seem to be some issue with hyperref.  However, whether I include or leave out \usepackage{hyperref}, I get the same warning:

Package hyperref Warning: Option `pdfpagelabels' is turned off
(hyperref)                because \thepage is undefined.

Hyperref stopped early
*hyperref using default driver hdvips*

This warning also shows up in Dick Koch's posted log-file.  As far as I can tell, the only potentially meaningful differences between his log-file and mine are the following (my lines are listed above his), but I'm not sure if they're relevant:



Output written on Untitled.dvi (1 page, 16924 bytes).
Transcript written on Untitled.log.
Output written on Beamer.dvi (1 page, 16924 bytes).
SyncTeX written on Beamer.synctex.gz
Transcript written on Beamer.log.

Everything else in our log-files is the same (modulo the file name, of course).


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