[OS X TeX] label too wide

George Gratzer gratzer at me.com
Thu Feb 4 23:46:22 CET 2010

I need this:

Reflexivity\index{Reflexivity}\index{Binary relation!reflexive}:\hspace{21pt} $a 
\leq a$.\hfill 
\index{Asym}\index{Binary relation!antisymmetric} Antisymmetry:\q $a 
\leq b$ and $b \leq a$ imply that $a = b$.
Transitivity\index{Transitivity}\index{Binary relation!transitive}:\hspace{17pt} 
$a \leq b$ and $b \leq c$ imply that $a \leq c$. 
Linearity\index{Linearity}:\hspace{29pt} $a \leq b$ or $b \leq a$. 

The problem is that the labels are too wide, stick out to the margin. Bow to fix it?


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