[OS X TeX] Help hyperref causing errors

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Apr 26 11:16:26 CEST 2010

Am 26.04.2010 um 01:45 schrieb Brad Miller:

> ERROR: Undefined control sequence.
> --- TeX said ---
> <argument> ...otect \edef n{sc}\protect \xdef \OT
>                                                  1/cmr/bx/n/10 {\OT  
> 1/cmtt/...
> l.50 ...to look at. First, on line \ref{recsum:bc}
>                                                   we are checking to  
> see if...
> Any hints on where I can start to track this down?

You'd better look into the LOG file. There you could see which file,  
when loaded, could have caused tha failure. The ERROR is obvious:  
instead of loading an *OT1* encoded font (Computer Modern bold at 10pt  
and Computer Modern typewriter) "OT 1" encoded fonts are addressed. So  
it can be a typo. Since TeX seems to see a command "\OT 1" it looks  
more like a different error: someone forgot that TeX commands cannot  
contain digits (that's the reason why one finds macro names like  
\viiipt or \@ixpt), so TeX breaks a command \OT1 into \OT and a  
remaining 1...

This is different from choosing an (O)T1 encoded font like this:

	\DeclareTextCommand{\boi}{OT1}{{\tt\char '134}}

where it's used as simple text. A \listfiles statement in the preamble  
will cause a list of files (accompanied by their version information)  
by added at the end of the LOG file.

As mentioned before, without a minimal example it's for us hard to  
find the cause...


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