[OS X TeX] Collection of Macros for TeXShop and BibDesk

Jens v.P. mailinglist at jevopi.de
Sun Apr 18 21:02:34 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I use TeXShop for almost all my writings, and in order to simplify my 
life I've written a bunch of macros for TeXShop. These macros use 
AppleScript and other tricks, and I was wondering if they may be useful 
for other TeXShop users as well. So I want to share them with you. Here 
is a list of these macros:

- Create section headers (with nicely formatted source code) with 
TexShop and Applescript
- Increase/Decrease section level with TeXShop macros, source code 
formatting is adjusted accordingly
- Convert text to a (TeXShop) convenient label text, i.e. remove 
whitespaces and punctuation characters

If you use BibDesk as well, these macros may also be interesting for you:
- Automatically create BibTeX entry from Safari document with BibDesk
- BBL to BIB with BibDesk

You will find these macros with documentation at my personal blog (the 
blog doesn't contain too much posts, mainly about LaTeX and related things).



P.S.: This is a slightly modified copy of a posting to the TeXShop forum 
(http://www.apfelwiki.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2110). Herb Schulz 
asked me to send it to this mailing list as well... volià :-)

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