[OS X TeX] LaTeX on iPad redux

David Derbes loki at uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 2 21:22:06 CEST 2010

I started a thread with this title (or equivalent) some weeks ago. It  
became evident that while the iPad might not be an ideal machine for  
creating content, it might nonetheless be of interest to consider  
porting LaTeX to it.

Another poster, much more alert to the possibilities than I, wondered  
if an iPad might not be a very smart remote terminal.

It appears that such a program is about ready to be launched:


I have no connection with this program and have no idea how well it  
works if at all, but the notion of being able to run e.g. Mathematica  
on my home machine and see the results wherever I am makes the iPad a  
far more compelling purchase. If this program (Wormhole) works as  
advertised, there is no need to port LaTeX (or much else) to the iPad;  
one merely runs the OS X application off your usual machine and sees  
the results locally. At present this program works only for WiFi, but  
the developer seems to be working on the 3G version.

David Derbes
U of Chicago Laboratory Schools

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