[OS X TeX] Excel tables to LaTeX - new script

Timothy Van Zandt tvz1 at zandtwerk.org
Mon Sep 14 23:27:51 CEST 2009

The version works for me with Quantrix (and Excel).


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Subject: Re:[OS X TeX] Excel tables to LaTeX - new script
From: Alan Munn <amunn at msu.edu>
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Date: 14/9/09 02:40

> At 10:22 AM +0200 9/13/09, Timothy Van Zandt wrote:
>> This works perfectly and is a real time-saver. Thanks!!
>> It is a more general-purpose tool than you say. It converts any text 
>> in the
>> clipboard that is delimited by tab and cr.
>> I tried it with another spreadsheet program, Quantrix, and it didn't 
>> recognize
>> the new lines. I disovered that Quantrix copies stuff to the clipboard 
>> ending
>> lines in nl rather than cr. Perhaps you'd like to change the script so 
>> that it
>> it works with either nl or cl or nl-cr.
> Thanks for the suggestion.  It's an easy enough fix. I've changed the 
> script and now renamed it csv2latex (which will also allow me to put it 
> on CTAN without any name conflict.) The change also allows the script to 
> work with Open Office Calc, which was a previous limitation.
> Since Quantrix is proprietary, could you test it out and report back to 
> me  that it works?  I've tested the new script a with csv file created 
> just with nl in an editor, but it would be good to check that it works 
> with Quantrix.  I've  tested it with Excel, Open Office Calc and 
> Numbers, and it works with all.  I think that the Calc format is the 
> same as the Quantrix format.
> The new script (with updated documentation) is available here:
> <https://www.msu.edu/~amunn/latex/csv2latex.zip>
> When I hear back from you I'll put it on ctan also.
> Alan
>> tim
>> Timothy Van Zandt
>> Professor of Economics
>> http://faculty.insead.edu/vanzandt
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>> Subject: [OS X TeX] Excel tables to LaTeX - new script
>> From: Alan Munn <amunn at msu.edu>
>> To: macosx-tex at email.esm.psu.edu
>> Date: 15/7/09 02:55
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Tables are always a pain in the neck to write in LaTeX.  I used to 
>>> use an Excel macro xl2latex.xls which would convert an Excel table to 
>>> LaTeX, but now that I have the latest and greatest [sic] Excel 2008, 
>>> which no longer supports VB Macros I'm back to square 1.
>>> A while ago when this discussion cropped up here, some one posted a 
>>> nice Ruby script by Tom Counsell which does the trick very nicely. 
>>> I've now taken Tom's script and modified it to make it support more 
>>> table types, and added an applescript which can be used as a TeXShop 
>>> macro, so that inserting an Excel table in TeXShop can now be as 
>>> simple as copying from Excel and pasting using the macro.
>>> If you think you would find this useful, please try it out:
>>> <https://www.msu.edu/~amunn/latex/xl2latex.zip>
>>> Questions and comments (and bug reports?) are welcome.
>>> I'd especially welcome additions to the documentation which would 
>>> explain how to use the script with editors other than TeXShop, since 
>>> it certainly can be.
>>> Perhaps this would be a useful thing to add to TeXShop itself.
>>> Alan
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