[OS X TeX] Re: smaller matrix in math mode

david craig dac at panix.com
Mon Sep 7 22:56:04 CEST 2009

Thanks for the suggestions.

> Use the amsmath package
> \begin{equation}
>   {\larger[-3]
> \begin{pmatrix}
> \text{alternate}\\
> \text{definition}
> \end{pmatrix}
> }  \qquad
> y = x
> \end{equation}

I AM using amsmath.  (Isn't \pmatrix from amsmath?)  \larger generates 
an "Undefined control sequence".  Google had also led me to a post from 
some years ago (I think from Claus!) suggesting \smaller[] for an 
essentially similar problem -- but that also generates the same error. 
I couldn't find any documentation on \smaller, either.  (Nor can I for 
\larger, for that matter!)

Maybe these are being supplied by some other package, Claus?

> \hbox{\scriptsize $ %need to go back into math ...
> \begin{pmatrix}
> \text{alternate}\\
> \text{definition}
> \end{pmatrix}$}%  ... and end math inside the hbox.
>    \qquad
> y = x

Great, that works fine.  The examples I found googling didn't have the 
internal $$.   \mbox works, too.   Any reason to prefer one over the 
other in future applications?

David Craig


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