[OS X TeX] Switching between TeXShop and BibDesk

Berend Hasselman bhh at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 6 20:12:21 CEST 2009

On 06-09-2009, at 15:53, Luis Sequeira wrote:

> Since I'm using Snow Leopard, this got me thinking that this would  
> be an opportunity to try out the new and improved functionality of  
> Services. And, lo and behold, one can easily use Automator and  
> Services to create, for example, a global hot key to launch, or  
> switch to TeXShop (or any other application).
> One just has to create the Service - in this case, a merely one- 
> action workflow to lauch the application - and then assign a  
> keyboard shortcut to it, in the Keyboard section of System  
> Preferences.
> I now launch TeXShop with Cmd-option-control T :-)
> Here is how to do it:
> 1) Launch Automator, and select to create a Service. From the left  
> pane of the Automator window, select "Utilities" and then drag "Run  
> Shell Script" to the right side. As text of the script, just write  
> "open -a TeXShop" (no quotes, of course).
> Save it. You may call whatever makes sense to you, such as "Launch  
> TeXShop".

I don't think you need to use "Run Shell Script".
You can use the Launch Application action (also in the Utilities  
I set Service receives to "no input" but maybe a single selected file  
is also possible.


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