[OS X TeX] Syntax coloring of .dtx files

Vincent Verfaille vvvvlists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 01:08:41 CEST 2009

Dear all,

Currently updating the .dtx file of a package I wrote, I am spending  
most of my time commenting/uncommenting, because the edition process  
is easier with the so-nice syntax highlighting function of Teshop.
However, this process is long (uncomment, edit, re-comment,  run  
LaTeX, check; iterate) and a potential source of error (edited tex  
that is not commented back will appear in the class source code).

Would any of you know by chance an editor (or better: an extension to  
TeXshop) that allows to see a .dtx file with proper syntax  
highlighting (for instance with a slightly different background for  
the documentation code), or any other tricks that helps to make the  
edition process lighter/simpler?


Vincent Verfaille

PS: if you received this email twice, that's not because you're drunk.  
I tried 2 times, as the first message still did not appear on the  
list, even 6 hours after being sent.

PPS: reminder (from my own understanding): in a .dtx file, both the  
documentation and the generated file(s) appear in the same code...
The generated code appears "normally" (ie uncommented) between:
[latex commands]
Hello \foo{} world

In the documentation, the text is commented out (in which case the  
"comment" symbol for commented items in the documentation is for  
instance ^^A:

%^^A Section 1
%\section{First impressions}
% This is my wonderful documentation that, unfortunately,
% I am having trouble to quickly look at and edit because of
% the comment signs at the beginning..
% Any ideas/comments would be appreicated.
and latex stripped out by DocStrip when generating files such as  
the .ins, .cls, .

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